9th SCSS Suppliers Day 2018

The Programme

Aug 24, 2018

The Programme

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Ballrooms 2 & 3

Company Name Sponsor Exhibitor Speaker
Age D’or Group   Exhibitor  
Ajinomoto (Singapore) Pte Ltd   Exhibitor  
Ashland Singapore Pte Ltd   Exhibitor  
BASF Advanced Chemicals Co Ltd Silver    
Campo Research Pte Ltd   Exhibitor  
Coptis Asia Pte Ltd   Exhibitor  
Delfin Technologies Ltd   Exhibitor  
DeNova Sciences Pte Limited   Exhibitor  
DuPont Industrial Biosciences   Exhibitor Speaker
Equipforskin Co. Ltd   Exhibitor Speaker
Fisher Scientific Pte Ltd Platinum Exhibitor Speaker
Floratech Bronze Exhibitor Speaker
Gattefosse Asia Pacific   Exhibitor Speaker
Givaudan Singapore Pte Ltd   Exhibitor Speaker
IMCD Platinum Exhibitor Speaker
Ingredients Plus Sdn Bhd   Exhibitor  
Innospec Ltd Silver    
Iwase Cosfa Co., Ltd   Exhibitor  
Lubrizol Southeast Asia Pte Ltd   Exhibitor Speaker
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation   Exhibitor  
Nagase Singapore (Pte) Ltd   Exhibitor  
Nardev Chemie Pte Ltd Bronze Exhibitor Speaker
Sensient Cosmetic Tech.   Exhibitor  
Seppic Asia   Exhibitor Speaker
Institute of Personal Care Science   Workshop & Exhibitor  
MEDIA TABLE   Exhibitor  
Singapore Polytechnic   Exhibitor  

The Programme

Podium Sessions & Workshop

Ballroom 1

Time Details
9:00am Mr. Nobuaki Matsuoka - President SCSS

Welcome Address for 2018 Suppliers Day and opening of the Podium Session.
9:15am LUBRIZOL SOUTHEAST ASIA – Dr. Subhasbree Mahapatra; New Business Development Manager - Skin Care Active Ingredients.

Speaker Bio: Dr Mahapatra has a PHD., in Immunology from Germany and has worked in the Cosmetic R&D for several years.

Paper Title: FENSEBIOME™ Peptide.

Abstract: FENSEBIOME™ Peptide helps strengthen urban and sensitive skin by promoting a healthy microbiome similar to that of our ancestors in closer contact with nature. FENSEBIOME™ Peptide offers a holistic approach towards barrier function improvement by reinforcing the skin’s microbial and physical barriers while preventing dehydration.
9:40am EQUIPFORSKIN – Peter Jung; Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Speakers Bio: Over 15 year experience of stem cell (adipose-derived stem cells, SVFs) isolation and international sales and marketing expert of stem cell conditioned media and topical-transdermal tri-peptides.

Paper Title: Equipforskin specific Tripeptides

Abstract: Equipforskin tripeptides, not polypeptides, are excellent topically applicable cosmetic, cosmeceutical and OTC ingredients, all INCI named. All of our tripeptides are less than 500 Da, transdermally penetrable, very stable, safe and efficient. Binterin (CD-99) anti-inflammatory tripeptide, Synepin (EGF tripeptide), Syndermin (FGF tripeptide), Winhibin (Whitening tripeptide) and Adiponin (Adiponectin tripeptide) are our typical and best sellers.
10:05am FISHER SCIENTIFIC – Dr. Christine Tan Hooi Poay; Field Application Specialist (SEA & Taiwan).

Speakers Bio: Christine has a Ph.D in Natural Products Chemistry, University Malaya. Currently as Field Application Specialist (SEA & Taiwan) in Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Paper Title: Handheld Solutions – Chemical Analysis in Cosmetics

Abstract: Health authorities in the different countries are fully aware of the need to offer excellent quality, generally in consumer products and particularly in cosmetic products. This quality encompasses the expected efficacy of the product and unquestionable safety. Introducing handheld Raman and NIR spectroscopy for material identification and quality control, and handheld XRF Spectrometer for elemental analysis.
10:30am YAMAMOTO PERFUMERY - Dr. Yoshikuni Yamamoto – President Yamamoto Perfumery & International Chairperson of SCCJ (Guest Speaker).

Speakers Bio: Dr. Yamamoto is the 3rd generation of Yamamoto Perfumery established in 1947. After graduated from The School of Pharmacy, Chiba University, Japan. He advanced to the Ph.D. programme at the University of Tokyo with a Doctor Degree awarded in 1981 for the research works on Natural Medicinal Products (Antibiotics). Currently he is focusing on the physiological activities of natural essential oils to explore new direction of the fragrance application.

Paper Title: Cosmetic Industry Perspectives
10:45am MORNING COFFEE (Pre-function Area / Ballrooms 2 & 3); Refreshment and Table Top Exhibitor Networking
11:15am WORKSHOP SESSION – Belinda Carli; Director Institute of Personal Care Science.

For delegates who have pre-registered on-line

Speaker Bio: Belinda is a well-recognised Workshop Presenter and an Official Technical Advisor for In-cosmetics events, having conducting Workshops at In-Cosmetics Asia 2017; In-Cosmetics Europe (Amsterdam) 2018 and In-Cosmetics Korea 2018.

Workshop Title: “Creating High Internal Phase (HIP) emulsions” understanding the technology, the ingredients and the advantages in formulation to produce unique formulation with pleasing sensory.
11:15am NON- WORKSHOP DELEGATES – Exhibitor networking Session.
12:30pm LUNCH BREAK (Pre-function Area / Ballrooms 2 & 3); Table Top Exhibitor Networking
1:30pm DuPONT INDUSTRIAL BIOSCIENCES – Takenori Kashimura; Technical Services Manager, DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Speakers Bio: Takenori Kashimura, has a total of 22 years of experience in Unilever Japan R&D (Skin) and now, working as the Technical Services / Application Manager in DuPont for the Personal Care industry.

Paper Title: GENENCARE® OSMS PRO to combat oxidative stress.

Abstract: Needs for ANTI-POLLUTION SOLUTIONS is increasing as customers become aware of the effect of air pollution on the skin’s health and appearance. GENENCARE® OSMS PRO aims to be part of the answer by helping to make the skin’s barrier stronger, protect the skin from oxidative stress and active detoxification process.
1:55pm IMCD – Dr. Yeo Kim Long; Global Life Sciences Customer Application Specialist (ANGUS Chemical Company.)

Speakers Bio: Dr Yeo, holding a Ph.D. in Science from the National University of Singapore, leads the technical team at the ANGUS Center of Excellence.

Paper Title: Developing a new self-foaming cleanser from modification of the surfactants.

Abstract: A selection of counterions in anionic surfactants has a critical effect on their performance in rinse-off products. Dr Yeo and his team demonstrated that altering the counterions of fatty acids and amino-acid derived anionic surfactants modifies their CMC and surface tensions, hence changing the performance of a prototype self-foaming cleanser.
2:20pm SEPPIC – Marty Lumain; Asia Pacific Beauty Care Marketing Manager

Speaker Bio: Marty is a Chemical Engineer by profession and has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of beauty care. She started in the academe and then took pride in fulfilling her roles in R&D, technical marketing and business development in reputable companies on a regional level. Currently, she handles Marketing for SEPPIC ASIA Beauty Care BU.

Paper Title: "EquibiomeTM: Balance reactive skin for a perfect harmony”

Abstract: SEPPIC and its dedicated brand for cosmetics active ingredient wesource, introduce EquibiomeTM an active ingredient co-developed with Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT) to bring new benefits on skin protection and microbiota equilibrium – support of skin-microbiota interactions / control of microbiota biodiversity / protection of the skin integrity.
2:45pm Afternoon Tea (Pre-function Area / Ballrooms 2 & 3) 20 minute afternoon session for Exhibitor networking.
3:05pm GIVAUDAN – Emilie Venera; Scientific & Technical Support Manager, Givaudan Active Beauty

Speakers Bio: Emilie Venera is a graduate in industrial biology engineering from EBI, and holds a master degree in engineering of formulated products and cosmetic ingredients from UTC in France. She joined Givaudan Active Beauty in January 2014 in France where she was in charge of scientific and technical support for sales. She is now based in Singapore offices since beginning of 2018, where she is in charge of marketing, scientific and technical support for APAC and SAMEA regions.

Paper Title: Fragrance inspired skin youth booster

Abstract: On top of natural, consumers are now seeking for ethical and sustainable generation of products, delivering high level of efficacy while resonating with passions. Created from the inspirational world of Fine Fragrances raw materials, Active Beauty has designed a unique active to answer these new consumers’ needs. From the upcycle of exhausted fine fragrances vetiver roots, Vetivyne™ is a fully natural, concentrated odour-free extract showing impressive skincare benefits, especially for boosting all skin lipids content in order to improve hydration (+7%) and tonicity (+11%) and also to reduce skin fatigue (-18%). Impressively, Vetivyne™ is also boosting by +25% the long-lastingness and sensuality of fine fragrances on skin.
3:30pm FLORATECH – Dennis Wong; Floratech Asia Technical Service Manager

Speakers Bio: Mr. Wong has a BSc Chemistry and MBA. He has 12years R&D / applications with Lubrizol HK and 6 years with Floratech Asia as the Technical Services Manager and application chemist at Floratech Arizona.

Paper Title: Introduction to Emulsun, a new PEG-Free emulsifier

Abstract: Mr. Wong will present Emulsun®, a new PEG-Free emulsifier derived from sunflower. Emulsun® is versatile, HLB independent, biodegradable and produced in easy to handle particles. Emulsun® is produced in a greener, energy efficient manner with fewer intermediate reactions. Emulsun® is a more natural and sustainable emulsifier suitable for a wide variety of finished product categories with consumer desirable aesthetics.
3:55pm GATTEFOSSÉ ASIA PACIFIC – Anais Bonnefoy; Regional Marketing Manager.

Speakers Bio: Anais is a Chemical Engineer in Organic chemistry and she has a Master Degree in International Management for the Cosmetic Industry. Anais has been working for Gattefossé for more than 5 years and has been located in Singapore for 3 years

Paper Title: New Technique to evaluate the impact of artificial visible light (AVL) on the skin

Abstract: For the first time, Gattefossé’s research team has precisely characterized screen emitted artificial visible light (AVL) and developed a unique equipment to accurately recreate the wavelength emitted by screens. This device allows the measurement of the impact of AVL on skin and find a targeted natural solution.
4:30pm Suppliers Day 2018 - Group Photo (Ballrooms 2 & 3)
4:45pm SCSS Appreciation Draw (Ballrooms 2 & 3)
5:00pm Closing of 2018 SCSS Suppliers Day


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