Warm Welcome!

A warm welcome to one and all!

Another year has passed so quickly and the Society is now 7 years old. It is customary to present a report of the Society’s progress at each AGM.

By way of introduction, 2010 was a better year than 2009,which was just after the economic recession. But as we worked hard to create new opportunities for learning and networking, our Members were very supportive and participative, making 2010 an excellent year for all of us. We did not mind working hard and spending many hours planning and organizing – for as long as these efforts have benefited our Members. Your feedback, participation and support have helped us over the last 2 years.

Achievements in 2009

1) Talks and Meetings
4 Technical Talks (cum Networking) : Preservation of PC Products, Exfoliation, Search Engine Tools,
Product Testing Methods, Novel Polymer Dispersion System. Top attendance of 40 participants.

5 Council Meetings: fruitful discussions, tasks carried out included acceptance of applications
IFSCC 2009 Praesidium meeting held at Melbourne: Hon Treasurer (Lau Min-tsek) represented the

2) Membership
We registered a total of 60 members

3) New Chapters and Milestones
DPCS: Andrew Gan , on behalf of the SCSS helped launched the new DPCS (Diploma in Perfumery
and Cosmetic Science) at the Singapore Polytechnic. This new course will play a significant role in
fulfilling the EDB’s call to make Singapore a flavor and fragrance hub.
Bursary : SCSS Council passed a landmark decision to offer, for the first time, bursary awards in
support of students of the DPCS. We received a total of 10 applications.
Suppliers’ Day: Proposed by Philip Jacobs, Council made a unanimous decision to organize the first
Suppliers’ Day
Secretariat : In the interest of the Society and its members, Council decided to employ a part-time staff member.

Achievements in 2010

1) Talks and Meetings
4 Technical Talks (cum Networking) :Magali Bonnier, Hitoshi Masaki, Helen Knaggs
Top attendance of 60 participants.

5 Council Meetings: meetings varied from 2 to 5 hours, especially when Suppliers’ day was near.

1 Member’s Dinner: held at the Klapson’s

1 Social Event: held at the Loof, with a guest speaker from SeerPharma

2) Membership
We registered a total of 100 members

3) New Chapters & Milestones
SCSS’ Inaugural Suppliers’ Day: 3 September 2010
Event was held at the Amara Hotel’s Grand Ballroom
8 table-top display “booths” were exhibited: Croda, Bronson & Jacobs, ISP, Ajinomoto
8 technical papers were presented
150 participants attended the 1-day event including oversea guests from Japan, France, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

Based on the Survey forms received on the same day: the Event was a success and Suppliers and
participants alike felt that the Society should organize this on an Annual basis.

Special credits must go to Philip Jacobs for conceiving the idea and seeing it through; June Baisa for
making many phone calls and emails to persuade her contacts to participate. And my deepest
appreciation once again to all Suppliers and Council members who sold the idea to their bosses.
SCSS’ Virtual Secretariat was set up with a new, part-time, work-from-home staff member, Ms
Catherine Chan. Equipped with a Society Laptop and mobile phone (+65 98776566), Catherine was
able to get into the swing of things in a relatively short period of time. She was able to get in touch
with members on a 1 on 1 basis, listened to their requests and assisted in many aspects of
administrative, organizational and implementational tasks.

Bursary Awards were presented to 3 students enrolled in the DPCS in March 2010 witnessed by
lecturers, students and guest lecturer Dr Hitoshi Masaki at the Singapore Management University.
This evening, we are very glad to have Chua Wen Zhe come and share with us, in person, how this
bursary award has been an encouragement to him and his 2 other fellow course mates.

Industrial Visit: SCSS sent a team of 18 members to the ICES facility in Jurong Island. Welcomed by
Dr Keith Carpenter, CEO of ICES and hosted by Dr Magali Bonnier (Director of Industry), the group
was treated to a tea reception, presentation and tour to an amazingly high-tech R&D facility.

During this 2-year term of service (which ends today), with the help and support of Council, I have
sought to accomplish the following:
1) Make Council Meetings creative, efficient and effective
a) recognizing that it is impossible to get 100% attendance, we encourage colleagues to
allocate time to virtually meet by: MSN, Skype or Phone conference call. This was especially
useful when the H1N1 outbreak was in full swing.
b) accountability -- getting colleagues to take up a task and follow-through
c) teamwork – without some level of bonding, the team would not gel

2) Add more value to Technical Meetings
in terms of
a) Advance Planning and Broad-cast
b) Convenient, comfortable Venue and good food
c) Quality of Speakers and Content
d) Good programme and logistics execution
e) Members attend Free or pay a nominal fee

3) Enhance Communication
a) 1 on 1 personal calls by Catherine on behalf of council
b) posting as much information as we can on the website
c) ensuring that members are kept updated via regular, effective e-mail broadcasts

4) Attract more applicants to join as Members
a) personal 1 on 1 contacts are followed through by Catherine
b) application forms received are promptly processed and approved via e-mails
c) we have some Associate, Overseas Members, which shows that they are interested to be
a part of a vibrant, dynamic Society
d) emphasizing the Privileges of Members :
- priority attendance to Technical Meetings, Networking and Nationwide events
- receiving a quarterly edition of the IFSCC Journal
- being a part of an exclusive Society that elevates their professional standing and network,
- being a member of the Global community of cosmetic professionals, since the SCSS is a
part of the IFSCC

5) Reach out to Suppliers, Corporates and the Global industry professionals
a) recognizing the important roles that bosses play
b) the SCSS will continue to connect with the corporates and listen to their voices
c) our Contributions are published by SOFW, Personal Care Magazine and IFSCC Journal
d) we plan to encourage and recognise our colleagues involved in research to submit their
Papers and Posters via the SCSS to IFSCC (& ASCS) conferences and congresses
e) post-2017, we envision that SCSS will be host the IFSCC conference in Singapore

I am grateful to one and all for the trust that has been vested in me and this Team of councilors.
There are some who have put in so much sacrifices in terms of your time and efforts –

to this handful (and you know who you are) I am specially indebted.

To lead this wonderful Team & Society as your President is truly a privilege and honour.

Thank you.

Andrew Gan